Therapy-Tec Airstream Standard Neck


Therapy-Tec Airstream Standard Neck

Therapy-Tec Airstream Standard Neck

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The WeatherBeeta Therapy-Tec Standard Neck Rug increases your horse’s muscle function to reduce the risk of injury while warming up, by preparing the muscles for exercise. Includes ceramic fabric technology to reflect the horses own body heat.

*Assists in recovery after work exercise by reducing lactic acid build up which can decrease recovery time & improves the healing process of prior injuries

*The perfect choice for optimum performance & for your horse’s complete comfort before & post exercise:

  • Breathable Cotton drill outer and the upper section has Ceramic lining
  • Mesh lower panel for breathability and cooling
  • Includes ceramic lining over the shoulders, back and quarters for targeted therapy
  • Single surcingle front closure for easy use
  • Removable, adjustable leg straps
  • Ideal for travelling and cooling after exercise

SKU: 1006931000 - WHITE/SILVER/RED

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